What Are The Amenities Youngsters Look For In A Condo

There are many youngsters or young professionals who want to move out of their parent’s house or from student homes to apartments that they can call their own. The real estate market is flooded with all types of properties each competing with the other regarding the amenities and cost. But for youngsters this is not enough, they look for things beyond the mundane like creativity, innovation, etc. and all these can be found in http://my1yongecondo.ca/floor-plans-pricing. As per a survey conducted by www.huffingtonpost.com, young professionals are not just looking for a home but want a lifestyle also to go along with it. Here is a list of amenities that are among the favorites of these youngsters which a builder should add.

Great street life: Youngsters want to savor everything. While staying alone, they also want to feel part of a more significant community. What that essentially means is that the neighbor should be vibrant with a lot of activities that they can catch up with after work. They don’t want to see rows of large buildings or traffic jams, but streets with pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. These are the kind of places they would want to meet friends or network along with being close to home.

Greenery: When youngsters mean greenery, it does not mean their balcony or terrace garden. It involves extensive open spaces where they can breathe clean and fresh air. So, it is apparent that if builders are keen on vowing them, they should chalk out some part of the property for a park or a huge garden especially in places where there is no access to public parks.

Pet-friendly: There was a time when many properties would not allow pets in their buildings. All that is changing as the youngsters except condos to be pet-friendly. The meaning of pet-friendly does not only have policies that allow pets but also play areas, lounges, etc. where pets are permitted entry as well as use. Some condos even boast of having a daycare for pets, and that property is a massive hit among youngsters.

Transportation: Young professionals these days are looking at eco-friendly ways of transportation and hence ditching their cars. They like to live in the center of the city and use public transport. Condos which are in the middle of the town with easy access to public transportation or other modes like bikes, cabs, etc. is a hot property.

Other services: Many condos are providing many features which were once considered as a luxury. That is because these are all standard services and not luxury for youngsters. The condos now have facilities for making reservations, taking packages, fixing appointments for a spa, doctor, etc. They also organize various events like concerts, seminars, etc. in their complex so that they spend less time on such activities.

Techno homes: Most youngsters are tech-savvy, they want homes that are also tech-savvy. They want their appliances, doors, music systems, lights, etc. to be managed remotely through their smartphones. To cater to these needs condos, provide such smart systems to lure them.

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